Sea Food Diablo

Very inspired recipe, original from Matsuri; smell will activate all your sense and your pupils will be guessing before you put the first try on your mouth, your eyes will tell you “yes, you were so right to order this dish” it looks so awesome…


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4 jumbo shrimps
20 grm Squids
20 grm schalops
20 grm Octupus
20 grm Mussels
2 Mushrooms
3 grm shitake mushrooms
15 grm Mix Onion, celery, carrot, paprika, green, yellow paprika, red paprika cortados finamente
70 grm noodles
5 grm Muriachi (Tauge)
3 grm Gemgibre
½ Conzome cup of seafood
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
1 tablespoon of soy
1 teaspoon hot pepper to taste
Salt and pepper to taste


Place a wok on the stove at a high temperature and first cook the seafood with the vegetables with sesame and soy oil, add the Muriachi, ginger, spicy, and the paste stir all the ingredites in a wok at a very high heat constantly moving , add salt and pepper the taste and finally decorate with finely cut chives.

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