Delicious dish to taste on this festive date, Original Matsuri in all its specialty, we are sure that only by seeing our plate you can experience that your mouth wafts for wanting to enjoy our Tiger Sushi Roll, and invites you today to enjoy our menu and our Japanese atmosphere in Curaçao

Meet and practice our recipe these days! You can also visit us and taste Tiger Sushi Roll with your family or your partner in our Restaurant. We will wait for you!

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For the tiger roll:
120 g of short grain rice for sushi
Vinegar for sushi
1 sheet of nori seaweed
1 tablespoon cream cheese
50 g of raw salmon without skin or bones
1 teaspoon tobiko roe
½ Ripe avocado
100 g of tempura flour
1 egg yolk
Very cold water
10 g of potato starch
1 l of sunflower oil
10 g of toasted white sesame seeds

For the sauce:
200 g of sugar
50 ml of soy sauce
50 ml of mirin
25 ml of sake
50 g of marinated eel


  • First, let's prepare the sushi rice. We wash the short grain rice with cold water until all the starch is eliminated and the water is transparent.

  • Next, we add the same proportion of water as rice in a pot and heat. When it breaks to boil, lower the heat to the minimum and cover with the lid. Cook for 15 minutes, turn off the heat and let stand covered for 5 minutes; We put the rice in a container and let it temper. When you can handle it with your hands, add two tablespoons of the sushi vinegar and mix. At the end with a fan we vent it while mixing. We reserve

  • Next we are going to prepare the sauce. We have sugar, soy, sake, mirim and eel in a saucepan and simmer them until the sugar has dissolved and turned into caramel. Once the sauce reduces 10%, we strain and remove the piece of smoked eel.

  • Prepare the tempura dough. In a jug of cold water, we incorporate the yolk of an egg and beat well.

  • On the other hand, put the flour in a bowl with the potato starch, and add the water from the cold jar with the yolk little by little while mixing. Mix until there is a mass similar to that of the crepes, neither very solid nor very liquid.

  • We have a bamboo mat and we cover it with plastic wrap. We cut the nori seaweed 3 centimeters to obtain a square that fits the mat. We place it on the mat just at the bottom edge; We wet our fingers in water and clap our hands to remove the surplus water; We spread the rice on the seaweed with the hands leaving a space on the top of 2 fingers; Cut the salmon into strips about 1 cm thick.

  • We spread the cream cheese in the center of the rice, on top we place the salmon in strips. In the upper part of the salmon we put the avocado peeled in strips and the roe of tobiko. Roll once with the help of the mat and press. We spread the algae part without rice with a little water and roll again to get the maki.

  • We overcook it with tempura; We have a deep pan to heat over a high heat with oil. We fry our roll and when it is crispy we drain it on kitchen paper; We put in an elongated dish. We have the roll cut into 8 pieces, and decorate with the eel sauce. We finished with some sesame seeds.

  • We serve hot.

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    If you want to taste a Japanese food you can visit our Restaurant Matsuri Curacao. Menú

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