The real Delight is to taste a Succulent Sushi.


When you see these first class dishes, unique in their art and presentation, it is evident that everyone gets mouth watering, so rich and delicious that they can despair for wanting to taste them and give us an unforgettable taste, this commonly happens when presenting our dishes because we are a Restaurant Specialist in Japanese Cuisine, Oriental culture in our passion for life and reason to prepare dishes that give a special touch to your life. On this day we present a part of our exuberant menu, with Sushi in different combinations of flavors and tastes, all our dishes are prepared with fresh fish and first class.


Sushi is a dish of Japanese origin based on rice that is usually accompanied with: sesame, salmon, depending on the tastes it can be raw or smoked, marinated with rice vinegar, salt and other ingredients, such as vegetables, fish or seafood. This dish is one of the most recognized of Japanese cuisine and one of the most popular internationally.

The name sushi refers only to the most common varieties

The name sushi refers only to the most common varieties, such as makizushi or nigirizushi; Curiously, it is usually extended to sashimi.

If you want to taste a Japanese food you can visit our Restaurant Matsuri Curacao. Menú


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